Blue Valley Riding Center, LLC


Horses and Ponies Sold/Leased

Congratulations to Patricia Mann on the purchase of "Eloquence!" (2017)


Congratulations to Rebecca Schwarze on the purchase of "Godiva" (2017)


Congratulations to the new owner of "Markus" (2017)

 Congratulations to the Alterson family on the purchase of "Anderin's Pick Pocket" (2017)

Congratulations to Catherine Apostol on the lease of "Adeline" (2017)

 Congratulations to the Klein family on the lease of "Elsa" (2017)

 Congratulations to the Shue family on the purchase of "Epic" (2017)

 Congratulations to Jessie Sadler on the acquisition of "Prada" (2017)

Congratulations to the Nemchik's on the lease of VDL Au Revoir (2017)

Congratulations to Chelsea Hubbard on the lease of Elsa (2017)

Congratulations to the Alterson family on the lease of Anderin's Pick Pocket (2016)

Congratulations to Karen Bergman and Kelly Sandelin on the purchase of Garlyn (2016)

Congratulations to Mackenzie Boyer on the lease of Just Calvin (2016)

 Congratulations to Brittany Hector on the purchase of De Granuno (2016)

Congratulations to the Kaplan family of Sagamore Hill Stables on the purchase of Coco Pebbles for your little girl (2016)

 Congratulations to Roberta Rotelle on the purchase of Bella Luna (2016)

 Congratulations to Kimberlee Farms on the purchase of Bolero (2016)

 Congratulations to Olivia Pharr on the purchase of Rheinhold (2016)

 Congratulations to Cheryl Buxton on the lease of Hols Matine (2016)

 Congratulations to the Abraham family on the lease of VDL Au Revoir! (2016)

 Congratulations to the new owner of Mapleside Enchanted Olivia! (2016)

 Congratulations to Casey Baranowski on the purchase of Lifestyle! (2016)


Congratulations to the new owner of Harper! (2015)

 Congratulations to Brian Shook and Hunter Pointe Farm on the lease of Coco Pebbles for your little girl! (2015)


Congratulations to Carla Ledva on the lease of Calvin! (2015)


Congratulations to Paula Steinberg on the lease of Captain Future! (2015)


Congratulations to the Horner family on the purchase of Kompanion! (2015) 


Anderin's Pick Pocket- Congratulations to Rocking Horse Farm on the lease of Dodger! (2015) 

Eloquence- Congratulations to the Arani's and Marigot Bay Farm on the lease of Ella! (2015) 

Count Me In- Congratulations to Jennifer Kelly on the purchase of Cooper! (2015) 

Valentino- Congratulations to Elizabeth Pendergast on the purchase of Val! (2015)


Finding Nemo- Congratulations to the Wiggins family on the purchase of Nemo! (2014) 

Montego Bay- Congratulations to Clara Brogan on the purchase of Monty! (2014) 


Coco Pebbles- Congratulations to Natalie Baum on the lease of Coco Pebbles! (2014)

Sharp Dressed Man- Congratulations to Megan D'Amico and Spur Run Farm on the purchase of Sharpie! Look for this one in the Small Green Division Ponies in 2015! (2014)


Hols Matine- Congratulations to Claire Chestnutt on the purchase of Noel! (2014) 

Anderin's Pick Pocket- Congratulations to Alexis Hurchalla on the lease of Dodger! (2014)


Just Calvin- Congrats to Abi Ford on the lease of Calvin! (2014)

Axciom HPF- Congratulations to Lowell Mountain Equine, LLC on the purchase of "Axe"! (2014)

This Broadway- Congratulations to Joey Currais on the lease of "Sharpie"! (2014)

Chapman- Congratulations to Joey Currais on the purchase of "Winnie"! (2014)

CR's Hip Hop- Congratulations to Pamela Blossom on the purchase of "Hoppy" for your daughter! (2014)


WOS TooBadForYou- Congratulations to Kate Pollina on the purchase of Pirate! (2014)


Cambridge BVRC-Congratulations to Stephanie Leavitt and trainer Linda Furches on the purchase of this talented yearling by Cunningham! (2013)

Eloquence- Congratulations to Isabella Russekoff on the lease of Eloquence! We wish you tons of success in the Younger Large Junior Hunters with this special mare! (2013)


Manhattan- Congratulations to Aoife Magner on the purchase of Manhattan! We wish you tons of success with this special young one. (2013)


Foxy Rain Dancer- Congratulations to Fran Barnes on the purchase of "Snickers" for your daughter Zoe! (2013)

Draw the Line- Congratulations to Sara Kurtz and her granddaughter Catherine Nolan on the purchase of Elliott! We are happy to keep Elliot in our barn! (2013)

Just Calvin- Congratulations to Christina Barnas on the lease of Calvin. We are thrilled Calvin gets to stay with us! (2013)


Chapman- Congratulations to Lauren Reid on the purchase of "Winnie." We wish you tons of success in the Children's Ponies and love that Winnie gets to stay in our barn! (2013)


Done N' Rubies- Congratulations to the Rice family on the purchase of Done 'N Rubies! (2013) 

Foxborough's NickNackPaddyWack- Congratulations to Tina Martin of Califon, NJ on the purchase of Nick Nack for your daughter! (2013)

Lady Bug- Congratulations to Karen Saad of Highland Stables, NJ on the purchase of Lady Bug for your daughter! (2012)

 Coco Pebbles

Bracewood's Touch-Me-Not- Congratulations to Rose Hill Farm of Bridgehampton, NY! (2012)

Bracewood's She's-All-That- Congratulations to Hannah Matts! Good luck in the Large Green Division Ponies! (2012)

Campino- Congratulations to Alexandra Murphy of Larkspur Farm in CT! Good luck in the 3'6" Equitation! (2011)


 Benlea Sea Wolf- Congratulations to Sabrina LiVigni of Island Hills Stable, NY! (2011)

 Zedulon- Congratulations to Kennedy Knapic! Good luck in the Children's Hunter Horses! (2011)

Silver Snaffles Fratboy (now known as Kinda Funny)- Congratulations to Theresa Tolar in North Carolina! Good luck in the Large Green Division Ponies!

  2 the Max